Important annoucement 

Dear Friends

As you will know, due to the Covid Pandemic we were unable to hold any camps in 2020, however we are running a reduced number in 2021. 2020 was very disappointing it has given us time to think about finding a permanent home for our camps.

The move to East Dean near Chichester did not work out as we hoped and, to be frank, we really miss the New Forest!  We have managed to find a temporary site for 2021 in the New Forest but we are continuing to advertise in farming papers, contacting estate agents and people advertising on livery websites to find something more permanent.

The Trustees have considered this and we think that the best solution to ensure that this situation will not crop up year after year, is to purchase our own plot of land.  We have two possibilities at the moment, but as you can imagine, even though the purchase price is lower than we might expect for land (£85,000 to £135,000) it is still a lot more than we have in the bank!  However we do feel that it is the right way to go and we know that God has deep pockets!

So, for the first time since we needed to buy a new cookhouse a few years ago, we are appealing to our Mid Wessex Christian Camp family to ask if you would contribute to this fundraising effort.  We do appreciate that these are difficult financial times for many people, but we do hope and pray that you may be able to help us reach the goal of having a permanent home for MWCC that would ensure that our camps run for another 50 years! Equally we would appreciate your prayers and also if you would sooner wait to donate until we have a definite site, please let us know by using one of the options below.

With love in Christ

David Page 

Chair - MWCC

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