Our Mission 


To introduce young people and families to the person and teaching of Jesus through the life, activities and leadership of our camps.

Our Vision

To continue welcoming young people and families from a wide range of backgrounds to a hugely enjoyable, safe and affordable selection of Christian camps in a new and accessible location.

Our Values (what makes us tick!)

This is what’s really important to us – it’s what defines the ‘Mid-Wessexness’ of our camps!

Knowing Jesus and growing in relationship with him is at the centre of everything we do. (You can read our statement of faith here). In all our decisions, large and small, we try to understand what Jesus would have done.

We value and welcome the diversity of both individuals and the different camps we run, understanding that unity isn’t the same as uniformity. No two camps are the same but you can pick up the essence of what Mid-Wessex is about in each of them.

We know that we’re at our best as a team; strong and trusting friendships are built as we work with each other. We never knowingly let a fellow camper or leader down. 

These are some of the behaviours and attitudes we have found to work well at camp – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control!

The safety, security and health of our campers and leaders is of paramount importance. Every year we look hard at the policies and procedures we have put in place to ensure that they continue to be effective.

We make our camps as inclusive and accessible as possible – in practical terms we do as much as we can reasonably do to keep prices down and provide facilities of a high standard. Everyone gets involved at camp as genuine friendships are built with fellow campers.


We’re passionate about providing opportunities for personal growth through the challenge and experience provided by the various activities on camp.

Over the years the development of our young leaders who share in the care of campers has become a key element of what’s achieved through a Mid-Wessex Camp - lasting friendships as well as skills are built with many returning to serve again.

Finally and by no means least WE HAVE FUN – lots of it! So many campers love the experience and look forward to it as a highlight in their year. From the friendships we make, all the activities and of course, THE GREAT CAMP FOOD, the one image that so often sticks in the minds of those on camp is all those smiling faces!